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Tips on Buying a Home

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When you embark on a house hunt with a Wilson Wolfe REALTOR®, you can breathe a sigh of relief—and get excited! Your goals are our goals, we are here to hold your hand through every tiny detail of the process, and we won’t rest until you’re relaxing in your new home. Whatever your budget, we are driven by our love for helping you find the home where you will build your life, launch your business, start your family, live happily ever after, or grow old together. We love removing the stress from your real estate equation as we tackle each and every obstacle with the keen confidence of our decades of experience. We love tailoring every step of the process for your individual comfort and convenience—allowing you to cherry-pick from our competitive cache of digital signature, showing time, market analysis, and MLS tools, or opt for more traditional methods. Forever adhering to the National Association of REALTORS® Code of Ethics, we will never ask you to sign a buyer’s contract. Expect us to proactively send you home listings that meet your dream list, work double-time to arrange safe, responsible, efficient showings, and accompany you to every home you explore. We love executing all of the above with grace, humility, honesty, and your dreams lighting our path. Welcome to Wilson Wolfe Real Estate. Welcome home.

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Home Buying Steps

The Buying Process is one that has several steps. It is our job to guide you through each of these steps to the final objective of home ownership.

  1. Buyer Questionnaire
  2. Getting Pre-Approved for a Home Loan
  3. Previewing properties
  4. Making and writing an offer
  5. Writing the Offer and negotiation
  6. Inspection and resolution
  7. Purchase and Sale Agreement
  8. Appraisal Process and commitment from Lender
  9. Final Walkthrough
  10. Closing


A Buyers Agent

Buyers Questionnaire

Ready to get started? There will be much more to discover when we open doors and tour homes together, but help us get a sneak peek of who you are and what “home” means to you by filling out the questionnaire below.

We'll communicate using several different methods, but which do you prefer for general communications?

Do you prefer a roaring wood fire or an easy to use electric fireplace?

How do you describe your style?

How do you want to spend time in your new home? Check all that apply.

Have you talked to any lenders yet about how much you can spend on a home?


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