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Our Team

"For the strength of the Pack is the Wolf, and the strength of the Wolf is the Pack." - Rudyard Kipling

We love meeting new talent ready to commit to upholding our founders' core values: honesty, integrity, always adhering to the National Associations of REALTORS Code of Ethics, and above all, leading with their hearts and tirelessly working to surpass the individual dreams of each client.

All Wilson Wolfe agents are REALTORS - most with 25+ years of experience. Just like the wolf, the REALTOR is a historically misunderstood and misrepresented creature. In reality, both are the ultimate team players, fiercely loyal to the pack - and when you join Wilson Wolfe, you become part of our pack; our team; our family. We welcome REALTORS who lead with their hearts - experienced, independent REALTORS excited about the freedom, flexibility, and lucrative potential afforded by our independent agency, and confident, supremely driven, newly licensed apprentice REALTORS eager to learn from and grow with our team. Are you Wilson Wolfe material?

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The Wolf

  • Fiercely loyal to the pack—a team player
  • Does anything to protect or help the pack
  • Hardworking, persistent
  • Sophisticated, efficient communicator
  • Known to roam many miles in a day
  • Can run up to 40 mph in pursuit of prey
  • Known to mark home territory
  • Keen sense of sight, hearing, and smell
  • Can survive & thrive in extreme conditions

The Wilson Wolfe

  • Fiercely loyal to our pack (team & clients)—a team player
  • Does anything to protect or help our team & clients
  • Hardworking, persistent—most with 25+ years of experience
  • Sophisticated, efficient communicator
  • Will roam many miles in a day for our team & clients
  • Can work at lightning speed in pursuit of client goals
  • Expert in our home territory (but can roam anywhere)
  • Keen sense of sight, hearing, and smell
  • Can survive, thrive & succeed anywhere you need us


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