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Job Opportunities at WWRE


Do you have what it takes to be a walk-on for Team Wilson-Wolfe? We’re always holding tryouts. 

Looking for the right brokerage should not feel like getting picked last for dodgeball. All real estate agents are afforded the freedom of free agency. You’re free to shop around and choose which office is best for you, your goals, and your personality. At Wilson Wolfe, everyone is a free agent. We are a small and mighty group of independent, free spirited agents bringing our own style and work ethic to our business.


Wilson Wolfe Real Estate by the numbers


We realize that it’s common business practice to appropriate agents from other real estate offices through email, calls or direct mail. We understand this and know it is entirely ethical, but it’s just not our style. Out of respect for our fellow business owners and brokers, we refrain from poaching who may be our colleagues’ and competitors’ happy agents. 

That said: It’s not because we don't WANT YOU on our team.


REALTOR® with 2+ Years Experience WE WANT YOU on our team.

We are always interested in working alongside the best in our industry, are you looking for a change?  If you have at least 2 years of active real estate sales experience and would like the freedom to work for a small,  indie firm that offers lucrative splits and signing bonuses, and will enable you to grow your own personal brand independently, call us, text, or shoot us an email 


Rookie  REALTOR® WE WANT YOU on our team.

We are always scouting for our next rookie of the year, will it be you? If you are a highly motivated, independent and confident newly licensed agent, reach out to us!  We would love to share our knowledge and experience, have lunch and talk about mentorship. 


WWRE core values

At Wilson Wolfe we value goodwill. If you are a community minded servant leader who brings their heart to work, Wilson Wolfe might be the place for you. We are a hardworking, hands on, roll your sleeves up kind of firm thriving in an increasingly digital and impersonal world. 


Why work for an independent firm instead of a big franchise?

Independent brokerages like Wilson Wolfe can offer more service and more value to clients at the same—or less—cost to the consumer because we don’t have to pay huge overhead CEOs who most often, don’t reside in our communities.  We are local and now, more than ever, our clients recognize that local talent and local businesses are the lifeblood of a community. 

Our agents receive: 

  1. Cooperation. Independent brokers have the freedom and flexibility to run their own business, develop their own voice, and grant their agents more autonomy.
  2. Creativity. Franchisees experiment less compared to their independent counterparts. Corporate rigidity means less freedom to put dollars behind innovative client experience initiatives like free first-time homebuyer seminars, goodwill Wednesdays, local business trick or treat and more. What’s your great idea? 
  3. Commitment. Whereas franchise brokers have higher overhead and may be less flexible and in touch with their agents, independent brokers with smaller firms and less agents, have more time to invest in YOU and commit to your success. 
  4. Community. Home buyers and sellers may feel franchise brands are not “community oriented” since franchise brokers often answer to out-of-market (and even out-of-state) franchisors. Independent brokers have an in-depth market knowledge and are more likely to be active in their communities.  



  1. No desk fees, did we say no desk fees?  We meant there are no fees period. 
  2. Welcoming communal office area and workspace
  3. Electronic signing software
  4. Electronic showing services
  5. In-house custom marketing program and graphic designer
  6. Customer Recruitment Manager (CRM)
  7. Newly launched state of the art website
  8. Company profit sharing with yearend dividends—when one of us shines we all shine!


If you think you have what it takes to join our "pack" email us today with your qualifications.