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Pre Approval Process

Do you know the difference between A PRE-APPROVAL and A PRE-QUALIFICATION?


simply gives you an idea of how much you can spend on a home.


  • A Commitment to Lend
  • Assurance for your Realtor
  • Assurance for the Seller
  • Peace of Mind for You


  • Account number for each bank account where deposits are held, plus the name, address and zip code of each depository.

  • Loan numbers from each mortgage loan outstanding on other properties owned, plus the name, address and zip code of each lender.

  • Loan numbers for each installment loan outstanding, plus name, address and zip code

  • Name and telephone number of the real estate broker involved in the transaction.

  • A complete schedule of your real estate holdings. Include the address of each property, the type of property and number of rental units if rented, the income from each property, the mortgage payments, the taxes and insurance and any income (or loss) from operating the property.

  • If you are self-employed or have tax shelters, bring two years' income tax returns.

  • Social Security numbers for each borrower.

  • Name and address of your present employer(s) for each borrower; if employed less than two years, the names(s) and address (es) of previous employers two years.

  • If you were a full time student at any time during the past two years, be prepared to verify this.

  • Photocopies of your stocks and bonds, if you use their value to qualify for the mortgage loan; if they are in the hands of your broker, provide the name and address of your broker plus your account number(s).

  • Present current address and previous address if you have lived at your present address less than two years.

  • Gross income you are currently earning at your present job.

  • Vested interest in retirement fund.

  • Life insurance net cash value and the face amount.

  • If divorced, the amount of support payments per month, if any, and copies of canceled checks for the last six months. You may also need a copy of the divorce decree. (this is for support income)

  • If you filed bankruptcy, you need a copy of the petition and discharge,

  • List of previous credit references, including addresses, account numbers, highest outstanding balance and date paid (Much of this will be on your credit rating)

  • An Account in writing of any problems concerning the application, such as late payments to a credit card company or lapses in employment.