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186 Summer Ave Words to Know

As you follow our updates on the development and renovation of 186 Summer Avenue, you may encounter some new-to-use architectural vocabulary! Here are some of the terms to know:



A balustrade is a railing supported by a row of balusters (vertical, often vase-shaped, supports). 



A belvedere is a type of cupola designed to offer a relaxing spot to take in scenic views. 186 Summer Avenue's cupola is technically a belvedere and is being restored as part of the renovation process. 



A cupola is a small, decorative dome-like structure on top of a building that can also be functional. It can let in light, improve ventilation, or even offer a spot to take in views. One of 186 Summer Avenue’s notable features is its surviving cupola (which is, in fact, a belvedere).   


Italianate Style 

Italianate is a 19th-century architectural style that was inspired by Italian Renaissance aesthetics. Italianate structures often feature visual components like low-pitched or flat roofs, arched windows, elaborate cornices, and cupolas. 



A pergola is an exterior feature that looks like an open lattice. It can support climbing plants, offer shade, or simply provide visual appeal. As part of the renovation, we removed a dilapidated pergola that was not original to the 186 Summer Ave property and didn’t fit with our vision for the home’s future. 



A scullery is a small room located near the kitchen used for food preparation, dishwashing, and other kitchen tasks. It's separate from the main kitchen and the dining space and is perfect for entertaining because it hides all the mess!

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