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186 Summer Ave from the Perspective of Our Intern

I started my internship for Wilson Wolfe in April, when the early stages of construction were underway and the progress was just beginning to be seen. As an intern, I stopped by the house almost daily to take pictures, and to check on updates. But as a neighbor on Summer ave, I was thrilled to be able to see first hand how much work was being poured into this house.

Wilson Wolfe's 2024 Intern Lily Stanton

One of the first tasks was simply to take down the chain link fence that enclosed it from its neighbors. Although it was a seemingly small step, the removal of the fence signified the house finally being welcomed back into the neighborhood, and more importantly, the community. For nearly a decade, the house had sat there untouched but the removal of this barrier was another step towards restoring its history. Another early task was a sign with a QR code directly linking bypassers to a forum for commentary, and the blog itself. The yellow sign not only catches your eye, but also allows people to look at the house through the eyes of restoration and revitalization. These two little steps reflect everything that I’ve learned about Wilson Wolfe in the brief time that I’ve been here. Their willingness and desire to do the little things right and their philosophy of family and community. 

Although I was excited to be working for Wilson Wolfe in general, I was especially excited to be working on this project. Being a part of something that holds such local and personal importance during my final months before college was fulfilling and gratifying. It was a part of my walk to Barrows Elementary School, and its cupola could even be seen poking over the trees from Parker Middle School. Even now, it is a part of my daily drive to the high school, and a beautiful portrayal of Reading’s history. Despite the rose colored glasses that have begun to form as I prepare for college, I can still see the importance that this house holds even to those who simply walk past it on their way to school. 

Although, I’m only a small part, I’m excited to be contributing to the restoration in any means possible, and can only hope it means that much to everyone else. 186 Summer Ave, we are excited to welcome you back!

Wilson Wolfe's 2024 Intern, Lily Stanton. A Senior from Reading, MA

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